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Use the smoke produced from burning this bundle of mugwort to support the energetic cleansing of spaces, people and items. 

Handmade with love from homegrown plant material.

The burning of dried plant material to cleanse energy is an ancient practice that can be found all over the globe. Mugwort belongs to the Artemesia family, of which a number of closely related species found across North America, Europe, and Asia, all have a history of being used specifically as a cleansing and protectice plant ally. 

Mugwort is also considered to be a plant that is supportive to the development and opening of the psychic senses, and can support lucid dreaming. 

Please remember, when working with plants, you are not just using a physical product, rather, you are collaborating with a living plant ally. The more respect, gratitude and intention you bring to this process, the deeper your work can be. 

Mugwort smudge stick

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