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To exist means to be inextricably interconnected within the complex symbiotic fabric of the universe. Nothing is here by mistake. Each being is here with a purpose, here to experience, grow and learn, and here to impart their own unique gifts and frequency to the collective. 

We are living during monumental times, where both collectively and individually we face numerous challenges that may drastically influence and change our uncertain future. Some of our populations gradually decay in what can seem like fortunate and luxurious circumstances, yet are devoid of connection, purpose and spirit. Other populations continue to live in dire poverty which could be quickly remedied with a redistribution of resources, yet continue to seem forgotten and overlooked by the vast majority.

Despite our technological advancements, mental health issues are on the rise, as are many other health conditions, especially those fuelled by complacency, excess, and overindulgence. The resources of the earth continue to be exploited and it's inhabitants harmed, and collectively we continue to charge forward, seemingly eager to discover our own destruction.

Something has gone seriously wrong.

How did we end up here? is it truly our nature, our fate, to live with such sickness? did the human body evolve to live in such disconnection, to be reliant on medications and supplements, to distract itself with trivial and meaningless amusements and pastimes? Do we really need to destroy our planet, our only home for millennia, to continue surviving?

Many are waking up, and starting to remember the truth of who we are. They are hearing the songs of the earth and their ancestors, reweaving the fabric of their beings, reconnecting them to the connection we share as a collective, not just to other humans, but also the animal, plant, fungi and stone beings, and many more. 

However, the task we face can seem challenging. In a world becoming increasingly toxic and disconnected, it can be difficult to swim against the current. And no wonder, for many of our lineages have been disconnected from the earth and each other for thousands of years, for so long that we forgot there was any other way, and then became ambassadors ourselves for this disconnection, for a legacy of confusion, pain and destruction. 

So as we try to remember the truth of our beings, as we try to envision a different future for humanity, many of us will need help and support, to rewire and recalibrate ourselves back to our original nature. Because it is this place we need to restore, cultivate and embody if we truly wish to create significant change. The change needs to start within each of us.

And from this place, each individual will then be more empowered and resourced, to contribute to the collective in the way they are uniquely equipped to do so. To share their passions and gifts, to co-create with their talents and visions. 

Because we were never meant to do this alone.

Humans have evolved to live and co-create together. This is how we thrive.







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