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A Naturopathic consult is a comprehensive process which considers all aspects of your health and lifestyle, both present and past.

As an interconnected and complex system, the body and it's symptoms can communicate a large amount of information to a practitioner versed in a holistic approach.

Pathology testing, referrals, and further investigations will be made if appropriate, and as a Naturopath I will support you by suggesting appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, and specific nutritional and herbal supplementation appropriate to you as an individual at this current time in your life.

Trained in both a clinical scientifically informed approach, as well as the traditional wisdom of Western Herbalism, Iridology, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Zen Thai Shiatsu; I aim to integrate both paradigms to practice in a comprehensive manner that seeks to promote health through restoring balance and homeostasis, and empowering you to support your health at a foundational level. 

From a grounded place of a body supported by a healthy diet and lifestyle, if appropriate we may then explore interweaving modalities that work on the more subtle aspects of being, such as NER (Naturopathic Emotional Release), Pranic healing, flower and crystal essences, ceremonial and shamanic work.

For those who choose, I can offer my work within the ceremonial template of the White Dragon lineage, which creates a sacred and clear space which allows us to work and collaborate at a much deeper and more profound level with the subtle realms of reality. 

The principles of Naturopathy

Primum non nocere ~ First, do no harm

Vis medicatrix naturae ~ The healing power of nature

Tolle causam ~ Find and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms

Docere ~ Doctor as teacher

Tolletotum ~  Treat the whole person

Education and prevention

The Naturopathic therapeutic order

Remove Obstacles to Health

Stimulate the vis medicatrix naturae

Correct structural integrity

Support and restore weakened body systems
Use of natural substances

Surgery and pharmacological options

I recognise the impact of socio-economic and community factors that can contribute to and perpetuate health challenges and concerns, and offer payment plans, some discounts and a limited amount of free consults via application.

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating or enquiring about workshops or talks I can offer for your events.

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